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When the sun goes down
Silence envelops the sky
Darkness spreads its wings
Embracing the Mankind
Like a child in mother’s bosom
A strange feeling sweeps over me
A feeling of tiredness
Of fatigue
Of solitude
Of loneliness
As if
I have walked miles and miles
In a harsh desert
In a frozen grassland
In a barren valley
In a dying forest
I feel drowsy and sedated
Enchanted by the mysteries of life
Wishing to fall asleep
A sweet voice
Whispers my name
A soft breeze
Touches my face
A blooming bud
Spreads fragrance over me
I glance up
And see a ray of sunshine
With the darkness of night
And running towards me
With open arms
And engulfing me
With its warmth
And radiance
I feel
Content, mesmerized and peaceful
Basking in the glory
Of ray’s affection and devotion
For me
Suddenly I know
Wilting flowers will blossom
In scorching heat
Little birds will sing
In threatening sky
Cool breeze will move
In hostile weather
New leaves will emerge
In famished plants
This ray of light
Belongs to everyone
Beckoning everybody
Into its folds
With open arms
Overpowering the darkness
With its warmth
And resplendence

- Written by by Salman Zafar

salman.alg (at)

Salman states:

"The poem can be used freely. There are no conditions attached. My name and email address may be mentioned at the end of the poem. My blog is:"
Free Poems

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Philipe said...


I would first of all to congratulate your blog
really is very good

I am Brazilian and I am 18 years with a blog where I speak of the situation in the world today and on criticisms and praise to brazil
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Philipe Cardoso


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