I Am a Free Spirit

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I Am a Free Spirit

An Affirmation & Meditation for Inner Peace, Strength, and Healing

I will heal
And not harm

I will love
And not hate

I will restore
And not demolish

I will help
And not hurt

I will seek to understand
And not judge or dismiss

I will grow
And not stagnate

I will be respectful
And not rude

I will be compassionate
And not cruel

I will have empathy
And not apathy

I will be mindful
And not heedless

I will be strong
And not weak

I will be courageous
And not cowardly

I will dare to dream
And not relinquish hope

I will be open-minded
And not closed shut

I will plant peace
And not strife

I will inspire
And not crush

I will thrive
And not be thwarted

I will live in the moment
And not dwell in the past or on the future

I will cherish my loved ones, animals, and Mother Earth
And never take any of them for granted

I will embrace my uniqueness
And never be generic

I will make magic
And not malignancy

I will create
And not destroy

I will be free
And never confined

I am a free spirit
Who is grateful
For my life and freedom . . . today.

Written by Christine Bruness

Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved. This poem may be used, with the author's permission, provided that the author's name, copyright notice, and email address are included. For permission, please contact chatnoir@comcast.net

Thank you.

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Kera said...

Thank you for this poem. It was read today at a funeral for our dear friend & brother... it suited him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I am hated because I'm not weighed down by life's troubles and you know what it's true I REALLY DONT CARE WHAT "THEY" THINK!!!! I'm free spirited and no one can stop me from being me!!!!!!!


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