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A Story Without An End

"Me, love and you... Three halves of something whole,
If one is missing, everything is clear."
These words can paint the sorrow in my soul,
But once bright colors fade away in years.
Once sweet anticipation of your arms,
A shard of dreams, by now has turned to fear
Of someone else's charm.

I give you everything I have and treasure.
But I have nothing. Love is nothing, too.
Love's non-existing, as it has no measure.
I've lost my faith in it. But not in you.
This verse is just another ode to Pothos -
The guise of my own heart-wrecked destiny.
I still believe in faith, but is it worth it?
Fate's given up on me.

I have convinced us both the feeling faded,
And it is a deceptive honest lie.
At least, I - devastated, torn and jaded -
Was truly independent in your eyes.
If love's opposed to freedom - it's in dreaming -
Then love and dreams don't make one sacred whole.
And so, my past completely lost its meaning...
If I exist - and had this past at all.

Written by April

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit. If published online, include a link to this post as well.
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