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My days remind me of the endless autumn rain,
The fascinating, charming melancholy.
The sky is crying for my bitter loss -
The loss of one hour's eternity.
And I know the rain is bound to cease,
But my sorrow will shape just another rain cloud,
And the steps on our crossing ways
Will be only for always erased.

And my freedom reminds of a foreign land,
No destination is one, true home
That has never existed at all.
And wherever I go, I will only get lost.

And my love reminds of a wilted rose,
Its eternal beauty is evanescent;
While you're breathing in its light April scent,
Least of all you expect it to hurt you,
But time leaves you just pain of its pretty thorns.

And my truth reminds of an ancient language,
Mystic manuscripts only few can read,
But no one's ever got to the core,
Where the mystery is way too obvious.

So, my whole life's like a chess game
With one possible ending - it's draw.

Written by April

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If published online, include a link to this post as well.
Free Poems

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