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Living Today

I've torn all the beautiful letters,
Each writing love just as a script,
These odes to the hopeless romance,
The shield and the sword for the broken,
For real - a couple quick notes,
Saying that everything ends.

I've buried my once cherished dream -
I'm tired of living tomorrow,
Tomorrow of yesterday,
Tomorrow that's already gone.
And the fortress that's built of sand
Would be good just for losing the fight.

Such a perfect love story would die
Right before its beginning, so tragic.
No one would be waiting for me
On the faraway island of hope.
And the hearth of a fantasy
Would give only deceptive warmth.

Even shallow and rotten hearts
Speak in oaths, serenades and rhymes,
Like a deaf man can sing a song
They enjoyed when they still could hear.
They create only to destroy,
As a word has the shortest life.

I still keep living in the wave
Of our being apart together,
We're living a mystery,
But at least it is not a lie.
And it's only life's perfect guise
In your eyes that I've fallen for.

Written by April

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit. Please include a link to this post as well.
Free Poems

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