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The candle has gone out,
My dream's deceived by fate,
I'm standing at the bound
Of 'then' and 'now',
But it's too late
To turn back,
Walking on the edge of razorblade.
Eternity is close,
It knows no time,
But through each silent night
I hear your voice
Implore "Don't die..."

The moonlight brings the charm
To tears in my eyes
Each time I come to wait for you
Beneath my fallen skies.
You're safe here in my arms,
My lips explore your skin
That's soaked in the air
Of my love that we breathe in.
But then the morning comes -
I wish I'd never wake.
I'll reach you now,
My far-off star,
Whatever it takes.

Appease my each heartfret
And close my swollen eyes
Don't let me see my sky ruined again,
Just not tonight.
I'm water, you're fire,
And we're one silent force.
We dream and know that conspires
The universe
To make it happen, and we are
The universe.

Written by April

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If published online, include a link to this post as well.
Free Poems

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