Never To Be Apart by Owen Hera-Singh

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Never To Be Apart

The strong feeling of love,
Penetrates this heart of steel.

I love you more than life,
More than you will know.
More than everything around me,
Please dont ever go.

To have you in my life,
God, I feel so blessed,
But when your not around,
I feel so freakin stressed.

I want you in my arms,
To hold you in my heart.
To be with you forever,
Never to be apart.

Of you I cant stop thinking,
Your eyes, your face, your soul.
I need you all around,
To fill this gaping hole.
Here in my heart,
I need you most of all.

- Written by Owen Hera-Singh

This poem is available for free, as long as you credit the author (Owen Hera-Singh)
If you publish this poem online, please include a link to this post as well.
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