Life in Pink, by a Prisoner in Rwanda

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This poem requires a slight introduction, it was written by an inmate, in Gitarama Prison, one of the most notorious prisons in Rwanda. This prison has been described by many human rights organizations as a place on earth worse than hell itself.

Another factor you should know, is that in Rwanda, prisoners are dressed in pink clothing. Life in Pink refers to life as a prisoner. Criminon which is referred to in the poem is a humanitarian organization that works with prisoners.

Life in Pink

It was a miserable day,
the accusations were closed.
Fully pink dressed
I cried as taken by a dose.

Facing the rejection of my case, I knew my future would be broken.
My plans keep on drying out
And where the hope is gone and maybe I will die.
Criminon visits me the moment I did not hope for anything.
With a cramped heart and jointed hands, an existing body but spirit far away.
Despair everywhere.

Criminon, life in pink!
It is time to have a look at the bright sight of life!
I have found the way to happiness, the way to change my life into better days!
Criminon yells life in pink!

Déo, your son will grow up, cover him with love!
He will build up a better world,
'Son of his father', they will say.
But he will end up as a great man.
I will not shout to him: 'get out of my way'!
I will rather guide him into this world.
That is how I will do it.
Criminon, life in pink!

Mother of my son, cry out in joy
I have nothing against you anymore, I believe in your loyalty.
And God, I follow my faith. You or nothing is my rule.
Criminon, life in pink!

The truth is my life, however the others shame on you.
Illegality is a cross, everyone who fails in it
ends up in prison, that's the rule, believe me.
No shelter, only you.
Criminon, life in pink!!!

I pray for God and I believe in him,
without judging the God of other ones.
Work is my support. Competence is my fruit.
I will live well, without any troubles.
Criminon, life in pink!!!

This planet is also mine! This planet and I have an alliance.
I do her good for my proper goodness.
Her prosperity is also mine.
Criminon, life in pink!

I wake up, where I am, Criminon is with me.
Even in pink, life is pink! No dose, I have the hope and I work.
It is tomorrow, the day out of these walls.
Criminon, life in pink!!!

Prisoner, Gitarama prison

Written by a prisoner in Gitarama prison, find out more about this poem at

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