I Love a Parade - by Tom Fenning

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I love a parade

The Memorial Day parade

Happy, yet a somber day,

Honoring those who gave their life

So all may


Basking in freedom and liberty

Free from strife.

The rat-tat tat of the drum

The toot toot toot of the horn

Brings out the innate

Love of a parade

To which every man was born.

The rod straight sight of the marchers

The twirlers so deft and true

The multi colored uniforms of the bands

And their sweet music thrills me through.

Our flag unfurled and steady

Stiffly waving in the wind

Brings a restful peace

To everyone from within.

Many of the marchers

Men and women

Who fought to make our country free

These are the ones who gained for us

Our right to liberty.

Boy scouts, girl scouts

Proudly marching in line

Showing their patriotic allegiance

On their way to adulthood

They’ll mature just fine.

Clowns and jesters

Grace their places

They add smiles

To children’s faces

Strings of cars

Line the parade

Politicians and dignitaries

Wildly wave

To potential voters

Watching the parade.

- Written by Tom Fenning

Originally Posted at Poems and Stories

This poem can be used for free as long as the author's name is included and (if published online) a link is included to I Love a Parade.

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