Our Men in Iraq - by Tom Fenning

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Our Men in Iraq

I never was a soldier,
I know not
his plight to be.
I never slept in a tent
Or upon the ground,
I was a Navy man
And sailed the mighty sea.
Our mode of living
Quite different.
We did not sleep
Upon the deck
Our sacks were
Stacked quite high.
We never ate k-rations
Or meals in packages
Cooked outside.
When seas were calm
Food was eaten
Sitting down,
When Neptune turned nasty
It was sandwiches
All around.
We never feared roadside bombers,
Or anyone laded with TNT.
Our enemy was in the sky
And beneath us in the sea.
We knew our enemy.
They fought the same as we.
Soldiers of today
Know not his foe
Specters he cannot see.
Those he knows by day,
At night are enemy.
Shadows in the dark
Make our men in Iraq
An easy mark.

- Written by Tom Fenning
Originally posted at Poems and Stories

This poem can be used for free (non-commercial) as long as it is not altered and the author's name is included, and (if published online) a link is included to Our Men in Iraq.

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