Free War Poem

Free War Poem

Out in the Wilderness
(Response to Where is the Cavalry)

I sleep on the ground here
Of frosty cold stone.
My thoughts are with you dear,
Where I am at home.

Cold staring eyes
Of the stars in the night,
Gaze hard upon me.
It doesn't feel right.

I lie in this darkness
And tremble with fear.
Not due to the battle
But because you're not near.

Where are you now?
And what are you thinking?
I dare not imagine,
My heart is still sinking.

I want this war over.
That the terror be gone.
I was blissfully happy,
Before it came along.

And this is a strange land,
A crude distant place.
But it's not the adventure,
Or the danger I face.

Lonely cold nights
On a hard field-bed cot,
This is no pleasure,
It really is not.

I wish only again
That we would be near,
But you live in my heart,
You always are here.

And there's only one comfort
In this god-forsook place.
A picture of you,
With a smile on your face.

So please don't be sad
You are not alone.
I promise one thing;
That I will come home.

Because who could deny you
The thing that you miss.
A loving embrace
And a warm tender kiss.

It is surely not I,
Please don't get misgivings
The pleasure it lies
Just in the giving.

Thats all for now
I love you my dear.
I look to the future
When we will be near....

Written by Anonymous Poet
15 Feb 2008

For permission to use this poem please contact Anna using the contact form on this blog.

Where is the Cavalry

Where is the cavalry

Where is the cavalry
I'm all alone
Standing at ramparts
Of crumbling stone.
And my back wants to break,
My head wants to scream.
Let me awake
From this maddening dream.
The ramparts are shaking
The bricks want to fall
My spirit is breaking
I can't hold them all ...
Please don't forsake me,
Please come and fight.
Please come and wake me
Deep in the night.
Tell me its over,
Sing me a song.
Its time to come home now,
It's been much too long...

Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 33
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Free Love Poem

Free Love Poem

I Wish my Husband Were Online

I wish my husband were online
If he were here, I would be fine.
I wish he would turn on his phone.
I sit at night, I'm all alone.

I wish he would come home to me.
Its been a year, too long, you see.
I can not bear another day.
I wish he hadn't gone away.

And when I cry, he can't get mad,
Nor say I want him to feel bad.
Because he is so far away.
I wish he would come home and stay.

I wish that when I woke at night
And couldn't sleep, he'd hold me tight.
And kiss me on my eyes and face.
And crush my bones with his embrace.

And calm my heart. And laugh away,
The torments of these insane ways,
That follow me wher'er I go.
I miss him and I love him so.

My poem is a corny rhyme
Because I have not so much time.
My stomach lurches, my hands shake
I wish I was too hard to break.

I wish I was like him, so calm.
Even when these things go wrong.
Happy, strong, and carefree too.
I say, "One day, I'll be like you."

Which day that is, I cannot see.
I want to feel alive and free.
And never sleep again alone.
I wish my husband would come home.

Written by Anna Vera Williams in Autumn 2007

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Baby Come Back

Baby come back!

Tra la la la la ....

Baby come back!

Tra la la la ....

Okay. I admit it. I didn't write that one.

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I thought this photo would go well with my last poem.

My Story - by Anna V. Williams

My Story

Once there was a little pug,
She snapped and snarled at every thug.
She had a brain, the thugs had none,
For they were crass and crude and dumb.
But when they gathered with their clubs,
She ran away, that little pug.
She ducked for cover, panting hard
And peered out with a pounding heart.

And when her master wasn't near,
She shook and trembled with her fear.
Her master came and chased away
The stupid thugs. And every day,
She felt okay, if he was there.
And when he wasn't, she was scared.

One day the thugs were growing strong.
She had been good, she'd done no wrong;
Her master kept the thugs at bay
With one low growl, they ran away.
But that was when the phone call came.
He had to go. No one to blame.

The little pug, she shook and cried.
She said she wouldn't stay alive.
The thugs were there, at her front door.
She couldn't hold them anymore.
She knew that she would be alone.
She got some money for the phone.
She banged her head into the wall.
Her master said, "Well, you can call."
She shook and cried into the chair ...
It didn't get her anywhere.
She prayed to god it was a dream.
But God was busy, so it seemed.

And that was when, with breaking glass,
Something, somewhere, came to pass.
Someone, somehow, cast a spell.
Against the laughing mites of hell.
And through the night time, something changed,
As if the stars had re-arranged.
And as she slept, we don't know how,
Her little pout became a growl.

And when she woke she shook a bit ...
Okay ... she sobbed and had a fit.
But only when she was alone,
Hidden deep within her home.
But when she stepped out of her door,
She wasn't crying anymore.
She looked the thugs straight in the eye.
She said, "So fight me. Please just try."
I have had enough of it.
I care no more, oh not one bit."

She breathed in deep to swell her ribs.
She put her hands onto her hips.
She stood on tip-toe when she spoke,
To not look up on taller folk.

She told the thugs to go to hell.
She told them she was doing well.
She grabbed her kids, said "lets go play.
Let's fight these creeps some other day."

Now many stories could be told,
Of how that puppy grew so bold,
Some stories haven't happened yet
The war's not over, don't forget.
Our pug has yet to grow full-strong ...
But ... wait a minute, that was wrong.
The little pug has no more time
To waste her lifetime with this slime.
Our pug is pretty, cute and smart.
She won a merit for her art.
She did what no one else has done;
Went round the world when she was young.

She crossed alone the stony steppes,
When she was sick and nearly dead.
She can write and learn, and knows
She makes things better where she goes.
Her education rivals all.
These pugs are stupid, new, and small.
They bat their eyes with pimpled cheeks.
They spread their lies because they're week.

Our pug has yet one crime alone.
She turned her real self into stone.
For she is not a pug at all.
She is a wolf who acts so small.

Now there's our story, that was how
The yipping yap became a growl.
The little pug has far to go.
But now she sees and now she knows.

While witches laughed upon their thrones,
The Lion breathed upon the stone.

The story hasn't ended here.
The ending isn't even near.
This is the beginning now.
It will be turned around some how.
And many battles will be fought
But one day it will be forgot.
One day the wolf will calmly lie,
And glare at anyone who tries.
And one low growl will make them run.
And that will be a lot of fun.

But this is how it all began.
The pug who always ran and ran.
She turned around and smiled and said,
"I am myself, and don't forget.
Now go away and let me be.
Because I want to have some tea.
And - oh, yeah, one thing, by the way,
Don't come again until I say ..."

Now that's my story, that was how,
The little yelp became a growl.

The world was black, but on that day,
Our pug became a beast of prey.

Written by Anna Vera Williams
February 9, 2008

Dedicated to All the Others

Free Poems

The Bla Bla Bla Song

The Bla Bla Bla Song

Bla bla bla
The worlds gonna die
If you don't go away.

Bla bla bla
It doesn't matter if I cry
You have to go away.

I can scream
For death and hell;
It doesn't go away.

I can dream
That all is well.
It doesn't make you stay.

Damn the world,
Your wife needs you too
Tell them to go away.

Damn the truth,
The world's gonna die
If you don't go away.

Written by Anna Vera Williams
8 February 2008

Free Poems

Please Miss Your Plane

Please Miss Your Plane

Please miss your plane.

I'm breaking glass
Inside my head.

If I bang my head
Hard enough
And long enough
Into the wall,

If I throw enough jars
Around my room
And crash them into
Shards and hell,

Would you make
This be a dream.
Wake me up.

And then I'll say
"I had a dream,
You had to go."

And let me curl
And hold you.
Warm, protecting, safe, and strong.
"I had a dream but I was wrong."

Written by Anna V. Williams
Free Poems

Silva Again

Thank you Silva. I tried again to answer you and again the email bounced. If you can fix it I can try again! I hope you send me a copy of whatever report you write for school. :)


Silva wrote to me using the contact form. But when I try to respond, her email account does not accept my messages.

Silva, please see if you can handle your filter or possibly set up a yahoo or gmail account and contact me again, so I can answer you.

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