In Loving Memory Poems

In Loving Memory Poems

Many people are searching for funeral poems, poems of bereavement, and poems which are written in loving memory of a lost loved one.

I've decided to put together a list of In Loving Memory Poems here - to make them easier for people to find. Not all of these poems were written as poems of bereavement, but in some cases they could be interpreted that way, so I've included them.

By Anna Williams:

From Me
Let You Go
I Thought

By Other Poets:

Bereavement Poem by Els van den Eynde
My Teacher
by Xavier Molina


You can find all poems that have been labeled as "In Loving Memory Poems" at the following link (including recent additions which may not have been added to this list yet):

In Loving Memory Poems

If you would like to submit any more poems of bereavement or poems written in loving memory of a lost one, please let me know.

- Anna
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Els van den Eynde

Bereavement Poem by Els van den Eynde

A poem for a loved one passed away...

Memory is a melody
Replicated in semitone
A da capo performed in diminuendo
the last dying note vanishing, unnoticed

And we wish
for the melody
not to pass out of existence
but to transfer to another space
where it obtains

Written by Els van den Eynde

You are free to use and republish this poem. If you do so please provide credit to the author, as well as a link back to using the anchor text Els van den Eynde
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