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I Wish ...

I wish I'd wake up to a world of peace
Where hunger, crimes and wars no longer exist
I wish the poor and destitute are daily fed
And find a happy home to rest their heads

I wish, people will no longer fight and fuss
About where to eat while others don't even own a purse
I wish we'd stop for a while and ponder and obey
And listen to the cries of other hearts today

I wish, we'd take a friend or stranger's hand
And remind them to always form a band
That we are stronger when we join together
Just like we would help and be there for a brother

I wish, that kids caught between broken homes and wars
Can sit around in happy homes, playing with little toy cars
They should never be burden with the selfishness of mankind
But live in stability and with a peaceful and joyful mind

I wish the lonely widowed women and elderly
Who feel so lost and hopeless without a family
Be told and shown love daily by someone who cares
Because their burden seem so heavy and hard to bear

I wish, our daily words and deed will reflect
Our desires of an honest and pure heart in effect
I wish that all of mankind will live in harmony and unity
And live lovingly and peacefully among humanity

Oh how I wish, I wish.....

- Written by Donique C Perez copyrighted 2009/04/16

This poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to this page.
Free Poems


Claire said...

Wow, you're good! I'm starting my own poetry blog too at ScribbleJoint.. looking for some inspiration =)

Dc Perez said...

Thank you Claire. More inspiration here:
and here:



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