I Celebrate Your Life Aunty - by Donique.C. Perez

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I Celebrate Your Life Aunty ... You were my friend.......R.I.P.

Dedicated to my loving Aunt whose life and purpose was fulfilled on earth, April 04, 2009, and was like a gem to me..

You showed me nothing but unselfish love
Always forgiving and peaceful like a dove
You showed me nothing but simple compassion
Willing to help me in any situation

With open arms always ready to serve
You were like an angel sent from above
I miss your loving and jovial smile
I wished you would have stayed awhile

I was oh so lucky that He had warned me
Way in advance that you were on your journey
I took that time to spend them with you
To show you how much I had loved you

But God was ready for his chosen angel
And waited on that day to ring that bell
An angel so loving, kind and sincere
Little did I know He was always standing near

I thank you God for sending us an angel on earth
I thank you God for her meaningful and wondrous birth
I am happy she’s with you and no longer in pain
I thank you God that someday I’ll get to see her again

I celebrate your life Auntie, you were my friend
Someday, someday I'’ll surely meet with you again
Thank you for sharing your life with us
One who had always put others first

Your purpose here on earth was fulfilled
Goodbye, goodbye, It was His will

May you Rest in Peace. Your loving spirit lives on.

- Written by Donique.C. Perez

Copyright 2009 Donique.C. Perez 2009/04/04

This poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to this webpage.

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