Mothers Monologue - by Leandra Gebrakedan

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Mothers Monologue

Have you brushed your teeth.
Have you done your homework.
Have you chosen your options for your GCSE's.
Have you sent your application to university.

Why are you so skinny, so busy studying to eat.
Why haven't you visited recently, have you met a nice girl.
Why don't you let me babysit, give me a chance to spend time with the grandchildren.

Don't forget to take them to Sunday school, you always loved it as a little boy.
Don't forget to open a bank account for them, and remind them to put their pennies in the moneyjar.
Don't forget me

Written by by Leandra Gebrakedan

This poem can be used for free as long as the author's name is included. If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.
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Cameron Sharpe said...

Sometimes it is unfortunate that why people we want to love, choose not to love us back. I strongly believe that we all have a match in this word but need to wait until we can get a serious relationship with us and will last. When one attempt to a relationship fails, it simply meant to be. If you are affected with the pain because of the relationship, always remember you can recover it. This could be easily dealt with if only our emotions are not evolved when we start to feel strongly for someone but more often than not ,the heart rules strongly over our head.


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