Just for You Mum by DC Perez

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Just for You Mum

A Mother's love can never be replaced
The one who gave me my first embrace
Your love is pure and unblemished
A Mother is to be forever cherished

We should always love our Mother
They are our very first teacher
The one who loves sincere and unselfish
And tries to fulfill our every wish

Your kindness to me is beyond measure
Your love for me I will forever treasure
Nothing can compare to your unconditional love
Even at times when I got on your nerve

A Mother's love will live on forever
Will stay around and leave you never
What I am and have become today
Were sacrifices made by you from day to day

The sacrifices that you have made
Can never, never be repaid
Love your mother, love her dearly
She's God special gift to you daily

I love you mom, I will love you forever!
I carry you always in my heart

- Written by DC Perez
Copyright 2009/04/26

My mum is and have always been my best and closest friend. A mum who's also a friend is a plus. We talk about almost anything.

Cherish your mum.

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1 comment:

MeetLove said...

Great poem, extremely touching...nothing compares to the love between a child and his mother!


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