Empty Room by Ken Coleman

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Empty Room

To my love while where’re apart
I wake up nightly in the dark
I reach to find you… but you’re not there
Your beautiful smell has left the air

Now my room is dark and lonely
I start to cry for my one and only
I close my eyes to see your face
Then back to sleep with no embrace

My dreams are vivid and colorful too
The things they lack are me with you
And In the morning when I wake
That’s when my heart... begins to ache

An empty bed is where I am
Then the tears they fall again
I look at your pillow… without a wrinkle
No lovely face with eyes that twinkle

To see your face…and then embrace
Is something that will never be replaced
And now that our love has truely ended
I pray my heart…will soon be mended

By Ken Coleman ©


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My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to http://kencolemanpoems.blogspot.com/ website." - Ken Coleman


Linda said...

That is so sad and beautiful. This is exactly how I am going to feel when my husband dies, if he goes before me.

NITHIN said...

good for me cus we got some feel after read this:)

Huzaifa said...

Agreed to linda, it is a calm and nice poem....


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