Follow Your Heart - by Ken Coleman

Free Love Poem

Follow Your Heart

Just follow your heart and you’ll see
No one can love you as much as me
I know to some it only a word
If they could feel what I feel… they would know that’s absurd

I searched and searched for the meaning of love
I’ve come to the conclusion it’s from heaven above
For nothing on earth could evoke such emotion
It’s was given to us… it’s the Lord’s love potion

It’s stronger than me…It’s stronger than you
It will live in your heart there’s nothing you can do
Some feelings may pass… some feelings may last
But you’ll never forget why it’s in the past

I gave you my heart…I gave you my soul
I’ll give you my tears that continue to flow
I know you question how this can be
Just give me a chance and you will see

Written by Ken Coleman ©

"My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to website." - Ken Coleman
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Raj said...

This is wonderful Anna, thanks a lot... it does really touch the inner senses...

Ben Harrell said...

Very nice poem!


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