Dear Michael - by Kathryn O.

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Dear Michael

Michael will you be there when I get to the gate
Let me hug you and tell you I know that I’m late.
In letting you know how sorry I am
For all the injustices done to you by man.

Self conscious and shy, always asking why
Having compassion for the living
Asking everyone to start giving
To make the world a better place
For the entire human race.

You hid behind a mask
And the only thing you asked
You be allowed the freedom to explore
To find what you were looking for.

For those who thought you were into males
Weaving their disgusting tales
I know for a fact they were not true
For I knew the real you.

By those who chose to censure your right
Belittling your choice to fight
Against charges that were untrue
He was only looking for money from you.

So many are to blame
The guilty should bow their heads in shame
At the way, they made you live your life
Too selfish to see your pain and strife.

There is blood on the hands
Of every woman and man
Who stood by and did nothing
Yet always wanting something

God used you as a vessel for “good”
Only few of us understood
Heal the World and Make a Change were you motto’s
And you asked the world to follow

The Lord has called you home
For your work here is done
Rest knowing you gave your all
Never turning down a call
To help the sick and the poor
And anyone else who came to your door

Your talents went beyond your years
And can never be refuted
Being the King of Pop was your moniker
And will never be disputed
You leave behind a legacy of love
That the whole world needs a little of

Written by Kathryn O.

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit. If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.
Free Poems

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