Free Poems

BY: Kathryn O.

Be good to my children
They have been raised
In constant love and praise
A father who loved them with all he had
Shielding them from all of the bad
He made sure the press could not destroy
All of the love, all of the joy
He received when he was made a dad
Starting with one little boy, he was glad

He was fighting the good fight
Standing up tall, with all of his might
Telling the world “I have a right”
To defend my family, my honor, my name
How can you play this sick, twisted game
A life could be ruined because you are spewing
Lies, accusations, all of them unfounded
I will fight for my life, I will stay grounded
For the children I cried, I have only love and admiration
For all of their simplicities, joy, no intimidations
For that I am crucified, my soul laid to bare
I have no one to care

Be good to my children
They were everything to me
Let them learn, discover and see
I want for them a life so carefree
From all of the trappings of a showbiz life
To eventually be a husband, eventually be a wife
To be anything they choose
They have everything to gain, nothing to lose
Form their own opinions, their own views

I am gone from this earth, my soul is now free
My only request is you let my children be
The world can be a cold and disheartening place
When you have the most recognizable face
This is why I kept my children behind a mask
From their beautiful glow no paparazzi will bask
Please leave now, you are not welcome here
Keep away from the children I hold dear

Written by Kathryn O.
"My poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit"
Free Poems

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