Free Poems

BY: Kathryn O.

Liberty and freedom have always come at a cost
Ask any parent of those we have lost

But the price can never be too high
Don’t negate the reason they had to die

For to fight for our freedoms is a risk worth taking
It a decision each solider doesn’t hesitate making

For Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force
They get the job done, they stay the course

To each man and woman who elected to serve
The highest of honors all of you deserve

The ultimate sacrifice many have made
Upon their coffin the American flag is laid

At the sounds of Taps, I say a silent prayer
Be with the family, make them always aware

No greater reason for death can there be
Then to fight for your country, the reason were still free

Written by Kathryn O.
"My poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit"
Free Poems

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