Free Poems

BY: Kathryn O.

I never dreamed
One day I’d be king
I only knew I could sing
The music became the dance
Quincy gave me a chance
To spread a message of love
To which I am so grateful of

I lived on the stage
It helped to funnel the rage
At all of the slander and lies
Couldn’t you see the sadness in my eyes?
I know it sounds sappy
But I was most happy
Fighting THEIR cause
Without any applause

My message was consistently the same
Always LOVE, no game
Give from your heart
That’s where it all starts
The more you share,
The more you care
The more you bare
Cleans the evil from your soul
Create a whole new role
We can do it as a whole

He made giving his passion
He made giving “in fashion”
Make a difference he shouted
Make a difference he touted
He talked the talk
He walked the walk
Of that no one can balk
He gave more then he got
And he certainly gave a lot

Of his money and his time
Always paying for a crime
One that never was committed
But “oh” that was omitted
He loved the children, what’s wrong with that
The only one who stood up to bat
Helping them to have some fun
He was a hero, definitely unsung

Written by Kathryn O.
"My poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit"

Free Poems

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