Free Poems

By: Kathryn O.

Don’t ask why
The answer is not here
Only now you shed a tear
You self righteous piece of trash
Looking only for the cash

Are you happy now?
I have taken my final bow
I cried for so long
Got carried along
The wave of negativity
Like a shock of electricity
Jolted me to my core
Oh, the pain I bore

When all you give is love
Jealous people will think of
Ways to bring you down
Make you look like a clown
Constantly they pried
Constantly they lied
Always making fun of me
Never letting me just be!

My life is not an open book
Everyone wanted to look
And because of that you lied
The facts the newspaper belied
Made up stories to sell a rag
All of it made me want to gag

The tales they decided to weave
I thought how could anyone believe
Why does it matter what I do to my face
I was only concerned with entire human race
I asked you to share the dream that I had
But you only wanted to highlight the bad

I pity the new target, who will it be?
I know one thing, they’ll come to see
That you only are cozy to get a story
To put in the paper to give them glory
Showing that they were able to get the scoop
The story will be a constant loop

Written by Kathryn O.
"My poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit"
Free Poems

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