Forsaken to Forgiven

Forsaken to Forgiven

Alone in this prison I sit,
Not asking for help,
Not looking for a hint,
Just hoping that my mind doesn't melt..

So many things to learn,
In the books of controversy,
Waiting for these words to make a turn,
But my brain racks continuously..

It doesn't seem like I'm taking in much,
Doesn't seem like I'm absorbing anything,
If only I could gain knowledge from touch,
But then again my cromozones are left with nothing..

I've done too much abuse to my body,
The temple of my soul is crumbling,
It's going to take a lot to fix the inside of me,
Hopefully I don't fail by falling..

Falling into an internal bliss,
A manic escape from the world,
It's going to take a lot to avoid all of this,
But then again I don't even have the materials to build..

Build my life that everyone thinks is so horribly wrong,
It's taking a turn for the greater,
But it's always going to play some sad song,
And something I'll have to pay for later..

I know I've had a lot of breaks,
But I'm sick of this stupid circle,
This bad luck that keeps me awake,
Now all I can do is place my mind on one girl..

She has become my future,
My northern star of guidance,
She turned a monster into a loving creature,
Now I have to one lucky chance..

- Written by Nathan Brown
This poem can be used for free as long as the author is credited.  If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.


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