The Puddle of Conundrum - by Nathan Brown

The Puddle of Conundrum

Broken and irreplacable,
Fallen and irresponsible,
Shaken and misunderstandable,
Beaten and unchangable..

Mixed colors in the puddle of mud,
Blue for all the feelings left unsaid,
Red for all the poured out blood,
And gold for the crimson red..

My puddle is filled with gasoline,
Ready to ignite at any given moment,
Ready to spread as long as no one intervines,
Waiting for one helpless soul to snicker a comment..

This is my inner demon,
My deepest darkest depression,
What I see when my soul goes into manic dreamin,
And now all it seems to be is my only confession..

I just want this puddle to be clean,
Impurity is something I wish I could be granted,
But wishes only come true in our dreams,
If only dreams we're something we could be handed..

I guess I must learn to live with this mess,
This outragous cluster fuck they call a life,
But then again not everyone is so nicely dressed,
So I must live with all my strife..

- Written by Nathan Brown
This poem can be used for free as long as the author is given credit.  If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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