Fallen Dreams - By Dan Baker

Fallen Dreams

Beneath the shadows of fallen dreams
lies scant regret of a disquieting fate.
In a life recounted when sadness leaves
an attar of roses in love's retreat.
But what becomes of lost convictions
when the old recount their fortunes?
When Eden kneels before the effigy
of the crosses which divide our world.
The gods no longer envy our pallid vestige of fate,
for the on the day which brings our reckoning
we try to count all that once mattered.
Only to come upon the silence between the tally
and all that dawns upon us in that single moment.
Death was always the horizon,
it's we who move towards it.

- Written by: Dan Baker

My poem can be used for free as long as people first obtain my permission by writing to dantbaker2000@hotmail.com

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