Talkings within yourself

Talkings within yourself

I can't help but twist and turn,
With the thoughts of this ball.
Interpret, Interpret, it burns.
My brain is finally raw.

There's so many thoughts that could be,
But never will they be proven.
So many things my mind could see,
So many that I haven't.

Lord, God, Air, Earth, Everything,
Justify my actions with fear.
I've wrongfully been anything.
Now I have confusion to bare..

Why was I placed in this spot,
Givin this mindset,
Granted a head so hot,
And placed in between everyones bets?

I must fail in order to succeed?
This contradiction has taken hold.
Rain ambition that I need,
Without you I'm cold.

Off course,
My love for you subsided,
Now I'm worse.

I'm inside a volcano,
Burning with hatred,
Hatred I can't let go,
I'm in the red.

Pick me up..
Let me walk.
If not I'll erupt.
And no we can't talk.

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