I AM A KING - By JVL Narasimha Raoindia


I always ask myself who I am
The question does not let me calm
I think I am an Indian
Somebody says You are a great father’s son
I am an And hraite by birth
And happy to live on this earth
My mother tongue Telugu makes me a man
The other tongue English makes me Universal human
I know I am a tiny drop in this vast universe
And do not have a big money purse
I have resorted to some immature verse
I know not why to some life becomes a curse
I know I am no longer young
I can’t always sing
The tiredness the old age will bring
But I feel as If I were a poetic king
One day I will leave this poetic kingdom
Some times I am enveloped with this boredom
No king Lives on this kingdom for ever
But the kingdom is a perennial river.

- Writen by: JVL Narasimha Raoindia

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

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