The Crystal Ball - By Rev. Karen Lee Samson

The Crystal Ball

Polishing up the crystal ball and preparing for use.
As we prepare to gaze and savoy its peruse.
As we explore and look deep inside its mystery glow
We see shapes and forms of those spirits
present and passed that we know.
Looking beyond the mystic shapes
and forms into outer circles of space
Now appreciating more than ever
God's presence and given grace.

Seeing signs, symbols, and images
of other realms and the unknown
We continue our travels from this plane of mother earth
from which we have grown.
Along the way now seeing energies we recognize,
the Acclaimed World Psychic Sylvia Brown
and others worldly staged.
Traveling, teaching and speaking words of inspiration
to help the spiritual individual engaged
The famed Psychic Ray R Ellis known as Ray of Light
helping those find their spiritual road
Providing Light, Wisdom and Love
to help them lighten their heavy load.
His mother the late Lady Violet Atkinson Ellis
saying be the best you can be
Be honest to yourself and to others,
then the future will become ours to see.
Who is next, it is International Psychic John Starkey,
man of reputation and compassion abound
Someone to rely on and trust as a friend
and know he is here and around.
World Accomplished Psychic Sean David Morton
with his amazing predictions and Astro Travels
expanding our life's dimensions for young and old.
Tuneful sounds of Musical guidance Ben Gaertner
filling our brain waves with music for the Soul.
Little Gracie The Dog of Inspiration bringing forward
the essence of innocence and joys to our hearts
as only animals can do.
Lifting spirits, releasing our sadness and most of all
providing unselfish love to those owners
that believe in a love so true.
There are many others, friends, colleagues,
loved ones and God's children everywhere
To those we extend our understanding,
gratitude and love for which we forever will care.

Deep within our soul,
we connect with Spirit
and those Spiritualists International that will state
In times of trouble and despair,
we seek those closest to God
and conduits of his power, to which we rate.
Yes, while we gaze into this ball of the unknown
and explore the paranormal and find answers to which we seek
We shall never stop our quest to search out those gifted ones
that provide guidance and comfort everyday
giving a short detailed peek.

Oh Lord have mercy, we thank you this given day,
For this through The Crystal Ball you have shown us Our Way.

- Written by: Rev. Karen Lee Samson

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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