Embracing The Energy - By Ray R. Ellis

Embracing The Energy

Tuning in the vibrations of energy as it flows,
we manifest our thoughts from knowledge that we know.
Time is not important,
only passages of scripture for which we speak the words of wisdom
that is within us or so it seems as it goes.
Nature has power and expresses itself through many ways,
speed is a form of delivery as is light and wind,
the effects we feel upon us within the given days.
Anticipations, destruction,
and fear can happen to humanity at levels no one can rate,
yet in times of disaster,
bonding together we can self construct and appreciate,
as our inner energies now generate from the sun
and it given off rays.

Tempers flare and we strike out in a form of self defence,
many times in reflection have regrets and guilt as our conscience
regains it sense, no one in mankind is perfect
and everyone makes mistakes.
Take a look around and see what lays before,
forms of devastation, suffering and dire states of need,
a form of blind eye develops
and we feel righteous to turn and ignore,
only fools can rest at ease,
so wake up and have a heart for heaven sakes.
Times of despair, light of hope as life goes on
whether here or on a level not far from us,
it is better to reunite
and think collectively together without additional fuss,
make the change even though we may not know how.
Look within your given self to find answers others cannot provide,
feel self assured and confident that they may be true
and not a form of a lie,
only fools do this and later they will attest.
Truth as we know it is hard to find when we are feeling down,
answers to inspire and build us up are simply not around,
fear is our greatest enemy, though we may not recognize,
but somehow with the right encouragement
and no need to apologize,
we will do our best.

Darkness is low energy and wonder of the unknown,
light is of essence and what may come to what we view
and what maybe shown,
visions are sometimes clear and sometimes not.
We search for answers to ease our mind
and set our emotions aside,
and put our aspirations and objectives out on stage,
We pray for harmony and acceptance among our human class,
we must believe that things will get better
and will not forever last,
God's truth is, no one is better than the other,
so please let us pour water on all egos
and then we can all live in peace and love
without the existing enormous greed and rage.
After all we are all just God's children trying to live our life.
So Please be kind to each other
and extend your hand of understanding,
then there will be no more turmoil and strife.

- Written by: Ray R. Ellis

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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