Mystic Visions - By Ray R. Ellis

Mystic Visions

As I lay beside little Grace and pet his shiny soft thin coat of hair,
I begin to see a vision that appear out of thin air.
It is grey and slightly mistic in a form of light,
it is a younger man I see,
with darker very short beard and neatly combed hair.
He has a pleasant look on his face,
but remains firm and his eyes look directly at me,
as I peer back at him, it is his past that I see.
I know that he left this place long before his time,
but he is saying his circumstances were all wrong
and it was his choosing to cross the eternal line.
I could only feel his sincere and the level of truth he did speak,
and to admire his words he spoke with comfort and to seek.
Life is a map and a diagram of our inner thoughts
and purpose we follow,
to discover a path of adventures that make us
strong and if we fail to become weak.

Without a word he disappeared, fading back out of sight,
my vision went blank and I was shocked to think that little
Grace had brought to me this very spiritual light.
So full of inspiration, so full of joyous warmth,
this little dog can bring to me,
messages and visions that only I see,
but with these exceptional connections
a wonderful sense of delight.

As I place my hand on the head of little Grace
and pet him ever so gently
a vibration I feel in my hand,
I know now much more will eventually come
to which I will have to understand.
Energies are plenty, and tunnels are like roads,
ways of traveling through to hearts that are here back on earth,
troubled with pain and heavy loads.
Looking at Grace I know he is a conduit of power
to bring forth messages and visions prepared in advance,
delivery he releases to me as the process unfolds to enhance.
Through a single touch of his hide vibrations begin to vibe,
signaling the start of spiritual contact that I cannot hide.
Seeing others, but not clearly in description,
but hearing the messages of guilt,
experience and now intent,
I proceed with honesty and compassion to describe.
A lady in blue, another in grey,
a man in a jacket that all appear ok,
one speaks of sorrow, the other of love,
the last speaks of symbols and the peace of a dove.
Flowers of color are in distance I cannot name,
horses galloping in fields
and the wind blowing through their mane.
Roads are nearby, directions are plenty and are at a space,
there are no signs,
only energies of the human race will keep me focused and sane.
My senses are wild and now inquiring,
I continue to pet little Grace and feel comforted by his side,
knowing what we do and how we live, there is no way to hide.
God has keys, and he does share,
we need not put the lock on our emotions
and deny the fear within,
but put out our good will and extend our heart
and hand to those about we care and may at time be ill.
As my journey with little Grace shall continue
and I treasure him everyday,
I know with great sincerity that more visions and
messages will come our way,
and through the hands of God and Spirit
and the powers to which we don't always see,
the gestures of embracement and essence of goodwill.

- Written by: Ray R. Ellis

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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