Peering Through The Light - By Ray R. Ellis **Ray of Light**

Peering Through The Light

As the flame glows brighter and brighter far away images appear.
I stare more intently and sit with anticipated fear.
Knowing not that I should ever be
afraid of what may come in view.
I know that God will only bring forward that will be true.
More relaxed I am now beginning to feel as the flame grows high.
I am seeing more clearly now and begin to understand why.

Balls of mist, grass of vibrant green,
water flowing further away and places I have never seen.
Winding roads, some of mud and dirt, other smooth,
shiny and lit without any beam.
No signs of direction, and traffic I cannot see,
though I am being told travel they are.
Fear not, valued one, these roads are free
and everyone is welcome and you don't need a car.
Speed is of essence and delays are put on hold
the flame is saying look further and there much more to be told.
The light is now flickering as the candle continues to burn
and you see dear soul you will discover the young and the old.

Here there are no barriers, fences, or walls to contain,
only open freedom and fresh choices without any pain.
Seeing now, colors that are very bright,
I see orange, yellow, and blue and purple too,
forms that appear like human and similar to me and you.
I see animals in distant fields, and birds flying in mid air,
a sky of open space, and a presence I feel and a sense of grace.
Appearing more in form, I feel it is strongly spiritual,
but it resembles those as part of the human race.
The heat of the flame is now warming my face,
I feel some presence but more over it is a figure in distant space.
The image is just not there, but it is the feeling and love,
I know and my heart is falling
and becoming sad I am not seeing the face.
But gifts from God work in mysterious ways,
I know this is a lady is around me many times,
and she has the influence of a powerful ace.
It is my mother and I know it is within,
I remain silent and shed some tears
and know she would prefer me to show a grin.
I remain quiet.
As the candle becomes smaller and the the flame get dim,
spirit seems to be telling me to be patient
and she will be back and then.
There will be more your plate to focus on ,
and it has nothing to do with a diet.

As there is more smoke than flame at this time,
I pause for a moment and realize that spirits
have crossed and came over the line.
Now as I am closing my meditation for another day,
I thank God, my Spirit Guides,
Angels and the Holy Spirit, and of course
the two people that I love so much,
forever in my heart and soul, my Mother and Dad,
whom I shall be with as I continue to get old,
but for now I am honored to be connected with the divine.

- Written by: Ray R. Ellis **Ray of Light**

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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