REBORN - By Alex P. Jean Baptiste


once a boy, who's confused.
misled, basically misused.
and he thought "if i do this one, cool"
so he did it and his brain got lost.
while he was loose...
locked in a world.
where he thought he had control.
except he lost "D CONTROL"
no hope, no faith at all.
1 right, 2 many flaws.
so he thought "its time to change it all."
so that's what i did.
because this time i met God.
so that boy was me, but i'm not a child anymore..
I am a Man, who's life is transform.
I am not the same, I've been reborn.
And i am to blame for the mistakes i did before...

- Written by: Alex P. Jean Baptiste

My poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is NOTIFY OF IT.

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