To Love ≠ Being Loved - By Luca

To Love ≠ Being Loved

He's whispering in her ear
The kind of things she wants to hear,
Of how he'll never leave her side.

But one day he falls to the floor
Those promises won't keep no more,
And those whispers, they turn, to lies.

So he sits there watching from above
As the earth takes back his broken heart,
And his love, she slowly slips away.

He follows her across the green,
And down into the blackened streets,
But nothing looks like it did before.

Though suddenly she doubles back
And jumps into a strangers arms,
There are tears but they're no tears for him.

The stranger holds her oh so close
Immediately the curtain falls,
And from behind he now can see her lies.

He can't believe she stopped his heart
Once through life, once through love
Finally he knows that she's to blame.

But still he follows where she goes
Knowing that her twisted words,
Never meant to her what they did to him.

But his discovery, its come to late
Now he's trapped by his hollow fate,
To follow the girl he thought he knew.

So he sits there gazing from above
Forced to watch his esoteric love,
But knowing love, and being loved are not the same.

- Written by: Luca

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

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