Beauty and the Beast - By John Mullan

Beauty and the Beast

It slithered and crawled a hideous beast awash in a sea of slime
With purpose it gorged as it followed a path at least as old as time
No thought, no conscience or deviation to affect its mission in life
The devastation following on, of little consequence to its life.

But tiring now it sought a place more by instinct than design
To pause, to rest, to hide its shame a need for intervention
It drifted down into the deep that place we sometimes go
To disconnect or to reflect in the hope of some redemption.

A change took place I know not how,
I can describe but not explain
But I somehow knew there would be an end
to this creature’s hideous reign
A wish perchance becomes a dream thus it follows on that a dream
can become reality if you really wish it so

It turned its head with longing and glanced up to the sky
Seeking out a friendly face it searched with sleepy eyes
The generous sun saw that look and perhaps it struck its fancy
Because a warm sunbeam did cleave the sky
and settled on the beast

I questioned then the reality and have done so ever since
As the sun’s kiss transformed the beast into a sprightly prince
Such finery and colour the envy of all around
As it preened and pranced its beautiful shadow
deigned to paint the ground

Such a delight I cannot describe
but such visions are not by chance
As aware and bold in its beauty it invited the wind to dance
The colour and movement merged into one
and I was filled with such emotion
Not for them this earthly world the very clouds their ocean

I had no will or wish to resist I was engulfed in a delightful trance
I felt my spirit slip from me as it joined them in their dance
I know that all things have an end
but some things should never die
It would live just a moment
but how it would live that beautiful butterfly.

- Written by: John Mullan

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.

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