The Little Girl In Me - By Brenda G. Partridge

"The Little Girl In Me"

The little girl in me,
feels oh' so very happy,
well loved without one responsibility!
That's the little girl in me!
She often think about how sweet
and easy life used too be!
That's the little girl in me!
The little girl in me,
still believes in fairly tales,
wishing wells,
blowing out my birthday candlers,
and dreams come true!
That's the little girl in me.
The little girl in me imagination is so wide,
it's deeper than the deep blue sea.
That's the little girl inside of me,
She will never let me forget what life was like,
being a little girl growing up in a big world.

- Written by: Brenda G. Partridge-Brown

My poem can be used for free as long as the name of author is included, and the author is given credit.


Jonathan said...

Very nice, l like it very much. Have a look at mine, tell me what you think.

Sympathy said...

Wow! Sweet little poem. Nicely written.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brenda for such a beautiful poem! I was looking for that little girl for a long time, and recently I uncovered ways back to her and your poem will bring me a step closer.



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