Impoverished... - By xtasy


Tale of a Slum-Dweller

Hey,stop staring at me like a suspicious tiffin
u havent witnessed how these lips viciously stiffen,
enraged n wicked,poverty-weakened n grief stricken
i know the next morn ,they gon' demolish these slums
wat u inspectin?aint no secret to decipher,All these goods' Giffen

Term us 'social-pests' coz we lie,cheat,steal n still wail-mad?
Truth is ,even we jail-dread
i wont steal again even if i got a stale bread
Evil society rightly makes us trail-bad
so my brothers committin suicide even b'for they gray hair...

look there,u see some figures trembling in daze?
those bony faces,coughin kids shabbily raised?
On the floor-bed,eyes' gone red,feverish foreheads
breathe needs snorkel,shambling till base
thats my job,i got a family to raise...

a son,a father,a husband see i got lot of roles to play
How can i cope up with a life like a pot of holes wid no clay?
u feel their situation aint botherin me?
No!i got no tears coz i got no water in me
The mercy-monger in me prays their lives cut shorter indeed.

Is it worth being human,i curse from within
In this social building,we are mere precincts
Being treated so harsh by the same species..
I better be an animal,get slain, sell off my flesh..
Treat their miseries n send my kids off to a creche...

- Written by: xtasy

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.

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