EMOTIONS - Sylvia Salima


An island is what I left behind

A treasure is what I conquered ahead

The tears enrolled were to much to bear

the broken souls kept rigging through my mind

The  trust withheld I lost it all

the pride I had faded like the watery paint

In a life time I had it all: in a minute I lost it through the drain

I had to leave: I had to move on

To greener pastures  that were like an oasis to many eyes foreseen.

- Written by: Sylvia Salima

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.


Omar McIntosh said...

Hmm... read your poem. I hate to say "I don't get it," makes me sound dumb. I think poets should always in a few words mention the subject they are trying to capture... http://www.gateofintrigue.com/innergate/floodgate/ Your poet communicates to me remorse... did you kill someone?


Hmmm.....Smoothly flowing...with sweet scents of optimism..."I had to leave: I had to move on...To greener pastures that were like an oasis to many eyes foreseen"


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