The Welcome - By Craig Gardner

The Welcome

Welcome to the land that is not so far away
Where the mountains sing and the dead leaves unruly play
Where the dark skinned toddlers, shyly clothed
Amuse themselves ignorantly in the thrashing fields
Brimming with mystery and rustic enchantment
Gallantly chasing the whistling
That the sage wind so gracefully yields
Welcome brothers to the land where the noble settlers
Once skipped so gingerly through its vast expanse
Hunting in packs to defend this misunderstood place
Against the ruthless, unnatural invader
From the land of legend and tales to far away
Welcome sisters to the land where the poplar grow
In its scattered abundance
Its fiery Autumn shedding, gilds the tranquil
Waters of its inseperable soul mate
With a splendour or orange and gold.
Welcome venerable wanderers to the land
Where demented apparitions guard their Former white towers
The creative mind strolling in secluded graveyards
Pining for the love ones they have left behind
Welcome one and all to the place where the Celestial giants
brilliantly carry on in their heavenly games
The regal spectacle viewing
on the black screen of the astral drive-in
For the simple traveller
Bewitched by the allure of mother earths diamond in the rough
Welcome to the Karoo!

- Written by: Craig Gardner

These poems can be used and reviewed, however my permission must first be obtained, in case of publication as i am looking to publish a manuscript.


company profile report said...

nice poem.

Rathnashikamani said...

Amazing poem.
Amazing imagery!


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