THE CHAINED HEART - By Sylvia Salima


Unchain this wounded heart: let the healing conquer the patches
Unchain this wounded soul: let love flow through it's crystal clear veins
Unchain me: Unchain my heart

Through your love: I found myself
Through your sorrow: I got hurt
Through your pain: I found never drying tears
Unchain me: Unchain my heart

I held on too long
I held on something strong
I held on something sincer
I held on something special

Unchain me: Unchain my heart

Am in a prison: A prison of love
Finding the key for unknown locks is complicated
Setting me free is the last option in his mind
For the pain: I went through
For the love your found hard to return
For the times you took me for granted
Unchain me: Unchain my heart;

Unchain me: Unchain my heart
A heart that loves you:
A heart that waited for you
A heart that is bleeding
A heart that is almost loosing its beat

Unchain me: Unchain this wounded heart of mine

- Written by: Sylviah Salima

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.


Anonymous said...

helo.. ur poetry is awesome... i have also a blog in poetry..
plz share it and tell me if you found any mistake...

Anonymous said...

i love this poem it really touches my heart. Ive went through this alot with my true love but i guess ive learned to deal with it.anieshaani

Anonymous said...

i would love to share update me on my email( you totally appreciate.

Anonymous said...

anieshaani :thank you :i absolutely appreciate:

Anonymous said...

thank you anieshaani totally appreciate:

I would love to read your poetry sometime:update me through my email (


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