Say Something Anything? - By i

Say Something Anything?

Say something..anything...
Say what you believe.
Say what lies in your heart.
What you wear on your sleeve.
Say what makes a difference.
Say what's on your mind.
About love, life or taxes,
The Government? The daily grind?
These are my words
I'm sure they seem strange.
I hope to inspire you,
I hope for a change.
Who I am's not important,
But what I say is,
We can all make a difference,
For the future what is...

I'm not driven by money,
Fortune or fame,
I speak from the heart,
I play no political game.
I've no religious doctrine,
No hidden agenda,
No extremist desires,
Or fanatic vendetta,
Just independent thought.
I've no thought-policed words,
I just stand here before you
I just want to be heard.

I believe in what's good,
To make the right choice,
With the power of my mind,
And the strength of my voice.
Violence and aggression
Are not the tools,
Non-violent opposition,
Don't play by the rules.
So what will you say
How much do you care?
You worried about your bank account?
Or the colour of your hair?
A quote about life?
Or a phrase about love?
A message about peace...
On the wings of a dove?
The words of your own?
Or the words of another?
Freedom or death?
Peace man, woman, sister or brother!

"Give Peace a chance?"
"Free Nelson Mandela?"
Well "I have a dream!"
So let's share it together.
Just remember a question,
Can prove just as strong.
Than the world's biggest tank,
Or the world's biggest bomb.
Famines, wars and disasters,
Didn't shape this old world,
They're just blips in the landscape.
The power's in the word.
What you say makes a difference,
That's a matter of fact,
You should use your words wisely,
You should use them with tact.

Accept nothing, question everything,
Your eyes can deceive,
What your mind thinks impossible
What your heart can believe.
Question what is?
And why? And what for?
And when will it change?
If you need to...say more!
Question all that you stand for,
Question what you've been taught,
Question what you have read.
Question what you have thought.
Question what's playing before you,
The images your seeing,
The words in you ear.
Seeing is not believing!
Don't blame authority,
They bow to your will,
For you hold the power,
They use to maim and to kill.
Does a government exist
For the people it's serving?
Or is it the people existing
And the government subverting?

I'm not slaving for others,
Not companies and greed.
I'm no faceless component
Of a corporate machine,
And no ruthless exponent
Of an oppressive regime.
But I'll work for a living,
And I'll say what I mean,
My life's not a statistic,
On a government chart.
Or an advertising target,
I follow my heart.
I'm not a number!
In a marketing zone,
I'm not following trends either,
My life is my own.
The simple things in life,
Are all that I strive.
Food, clothing, water,
The joy of being alive.
So who are you, stranger?
Politician? Policeman? Or Poet?
Do you live for your work?
Is it margin? Is it profit?
What's worth more to you?
Do you care? Do you worry?
Is it the love of your life?
Or the colour of your money?

A thought? an idea?
A mathematical equation?
A life-long philosophy?
Or is it life that you're wasting?
It's ideas that have made us.
Ideas that have held strong,
Words, pictures, and theories,
The lyrics of a song.
Are you White? Black? Hispanic?
Oriental? Caucasian?
God? Allah? Krishna?
Buddhist? Atheist? Or Christian?
Is this who you are?
Or is there more to you?
Is this what you believe?
Do you follow a Guru?
Do you have an open mind?
Do you keep an open heart?
Are you searching for answers?
Were you there at the start?

What you are doesn't matter.
Who you are is what counts.
And what it is that you stand for.
And what makes you stand out.
Are you part of the crowd?
Are you in or are you out?
Can you think for yourself?
Are you wracked with self doubt?
So say something..anything...
Do you find it so hard?
Of what lies within you?
Can you be who you are?

I believe in myself
What I believe to be true,
But most of all stranger,
I believe in you...
We're in this together,
That's what we're about.
Together we're stronger.
Together we've got clout.
You are not alone...
I can almost hear you're voice,
Cry out from the masses,
"I want more than a choice!"
So why are you waiting?
Did you not heed the call?
It's all for one, my friend
And it's one for all!
For one and for all.
“Can anybody hear?”
I want to make a difference,
I'm not living in fear.
Life can be simple,
If you want it to be.
I hope for nothing, fear nothing!
I was born to be free!

All I have is an idea,
That we can all change this world,
And we can share it together,
With the power of your words.
So say something...anything
Follow your heart,
Consider your feelings,
Do it now, make a start.
Say something..anything...
Don't leave it too late,
Don't give up too easily,
Try not to tempt Fate.
Say something...anything...
Speak up! It's your right,
Make a stand for your freedom,
And fight for those rights!

Say something...anything...
You've heard what I've said,
You've listened to the words
I've turned around in my head,
Say something..anything...
Use the power of your mind,
Will you make a difference?
However so slight.
Say something..anything...
Post my words to your friends,
Let's hear what they say,
My words I'll defend.

So say something...anything...
Listen to your heart,
Or your mind... or your conscience...
Do it now...make a start...

- Written by: i

This poem can be used for free as long as the name of the author is included and the author is given credit.
If the poem is published online, please include a link to this post.


Locksmith said...

This is nice poem,say what's on your mind,we are not rock,there something we can do for a change. I like it!

Anonymous said...

awesome, very true words, spoken with heart, as I read I feel the intent of the very words written. Thank you for this incredible work.


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