Dating Profile - By Anna McCarthy Hoffman

Dating Profile

I am not particularly interested
In the size of your pension
Or body mass index, salary, education
Hair is not essential but hygiene important,
A dash of humor and good dress sense a plus
What I really want to know about you is…
How spicy do you like your curry?
This means more to me
Than job prospects or skill at sport,
How much or how little you talk
In this minor confession
Is the measure of your life,
A foreshadowing of your fears,
Your inherent willingness to risk
Tolerance of all things hot,
How open you are to cultures not your own.
Through taste I have discovered
True compatibility rests
In the garam masala test.
Your ability to seduce me
With the passions of your palette,
Making love to me with each bite
Of saffron rice and naan.
When finally we meet
Our eyes smiling across the table
Forkfulls of contentment
-Written by:  Anna McCarthy Hoffman
My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to


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