The Key of Deus Cor - By Madeleine Raleigh Gantt

The Key of Deus Cor

A halt held down our journey, surrendered to the gale
Icy rain cut through the night, the moonlight misty, pale.
A tired train rests on its tracks and dared not try to move
It’s greater strength to the train, the storm would more than prove.

The thin blue light above shook duly with the storm
Though free from rain an spared of wind, the room was far from warm
Silence filled the frigid space, save the howling of the rain
Huddled groups, in turn to hear, this necks did have to crane.

For proposed had been a game, or pastime if you will
To twist a tale of interest, to keep the restless still
Each looking to another, and next did just the same
Their eyes soon met those of an average looking dame.

Her hair was dark and long, a sad look in the eye
her countenance was fragile, as though she was soon to cry
Her spirit was gloomed from a long and tiring life
within she held what made her heart beat in tune with strife

She sat alone, half awake, with one eye she did peak.
Without haste, she lifted her hand and placed it on her cheek.
Her glassy eyes looked past them all, and then the silence broke
For from her corner of the train, she raised her eyes and spoke:

"In fields of green the sun shone brightly down
far through the glades with old trees all around
enjoying solitude and reaping what it buys
there dwelt a mystifying lot of butterflies"

"Though ordinary butterflies these, of course, were not
For as of each, an emotion, it itself had caught
Left alone, they did not with each other stir
And harmony was fresh and sweet as frankincense and myrrh"

"Suddenly the wind picked up and whispered through the trees
diving through the untamed grass and tossing ‘round the leaves
bringing with it rolling clouds which blotted out the sun
stirring up the landscape, no, the storm was far from done"

"Three butterflies, of four there were, began leaving in a hurry
they fought the brutal forces to escape from natures furry
Innately acting with emotions they had found within
They scrambled about to get away, though rain did then begin”

"Richness was a powerful sort, with wings as gold as grain
It had neither a struggle nor a fear of escaping from the rain
Fleeing to collect its things, richness then did go
failing to notice a small struggler calling out below"

"Love was a dainty thing with wings like that of cloth
pink and tender, small and gentle, struggling in the froth
‘Help! Please help!’ love cried to over-passing Richness
But it was far too consumed in its overzealous briskness"

"Love was weakening ever more when by and by came Sadness
‘Have a heart’ love sang out, ‘and save me from this madness!’
‘I am sick at heart’ sighed sadness, ‘I long to be alone’
Midnight blue wings of Sadness, Love, had over-flown"

"Vanity had not delayed escaping from the storm
It’s peal white wings could not afford to be the least bit warn
‘Take me with you’ pleaded love, ‘I haven’t much time more’
seeing Love spoiled with mud, its outcries did ignore."

"Love laid stranded in the storm, its wings no good for flying.
It’s tender heart beat slowly as thoughts past ‘I am dying…”
The pounding rain fell down in sheets, the cold stung harsher still
As Love remained upon the ground, amongst the bitter chill"

"And as its little heart began to fall towards dreadful fate
A gentle hand reached down, and Love did not berate
Tired and worn, Love felt the warmth of hands of true concern
relived of the storm, finally safe, to sleep Love would return."

"Awaking from its restful sleep, Love quickly looked around
Love’s wings were clean, and Love could see that kindness was abound
‘Who was this one of noble thought that saved me from the storm?’
With gentle grace they raised me up with hands so soft and warm."

"And elder sat across the way and stood when Love had woken
He heard the words about himself that Love itself had spoken
Approaching Love the elder said, ‘t’was I who saw you through,
For nothing else could ever see your value as I do"

"Awed by this, Love had to asked, ‘but why are you to care?
why did you save me from my death by the wintry, violent air?’
spoke the elder, ‘as I said, to you I will incline
But to you I must revel, I myself am known as Time."

"Time sees many a rise and fall of mighty nations grand
though through the test of time, not a single one can stand
As Love sees the ages pass, it alone can loss withstand
So you see, my dear child, only time could understand."

- Written by: Madeleine Raleigh Gantt

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