An Ode to a Beautiful Stranger - By Kirsten Mia

An Ode to a Beautiful Stranger

It’s almost a complete moon’s cycle passed, when I met the reason I write this…
A scorching Friday afternoon, frustrated, hungry and tired I was,
When he strode in…past me…..
One of the most handsome men I have ever laid eyes on.
His snowy shirt and coal blazer gave no reason for dismay,
Yet on his being, with those sun glasses, a lethal combination indeed!
Odd how my imagination proceeded to remove every one of those articles
Off his frame until in my mind’s eye he stood as nearly as at his birth (chuckle)
My eyes stared and my mouth itched to say something, anything…
In my trance I could not help but hear him speak of food that I so much craved
And my mind was alight with ideas…Thank the good Lord for allergies…
I milked the moment like my life depended on it…and so did he…
Meal time and he handed my feast like a special package…
He looked at me and I swear he spoke and I heard…telepathy redefined…
Only a corner of his lips curled up and it gave me chills to simply look at…
The stolen glances would have made a glance bank broke if ever…
In the day that followed, he warmed up and charmed,
Sitting across me he asked,”you look pretty, what has changed?”
I fought to rip my gaze from him, not to blush, not to flush,
Such honesty and innocence in his question, I could have yelled
“I’m always pretty!” but I just sat there, drew in a long breath and thought…
My charming “boss”…..sigh….If only he could read my mind….
Soon, the weekend was a past cloud and reality set in, back to routine,
Often my mind conjured him up and wished his presence,
And almost as if on que, he blew my mind, swept me off my feet and crept into my heart...
He had read my works and heard me...he will never know how much it meant to me.
On the day that followed next, my battles caught up with me,
My body caved and he came to this damsel’s call of distress…charming,
I would have trekked to Mecca and it still would not have felt as long as that ride with him.
My words failed me and when I found them, I fumbled through them,
My eyes darted about and when I raised them to him,
The central player of my muck-up still sat insouciantly at the driver’s seat…
He had no idea what he had done to me with his irresistible smile and fabulous anatomy,
He quizzed of my troubles and for some reason, it felt okay and safe to tell
And I told…..
When he opened his mouth in response, I was utterly shocked!
His ingenuity and persistence were something out of the ordinary,
He had a most audacious solution to my woes….HIMSELF!!
Time flew and hours made days, days into weeks,
The conversations, addictive, his laughter gave me shivers, so honest,
I was attracted to him! How unthinkable and inappropriate of me?
There really was no end to the obstacles in my path was there?
I owed my loyalty to another, yet I shamelessly thought of him,
He was like a beautiful serpent….I couldn’t help but fit in Adam’s shoes
The more we told of each other, the glimmer it got in my mind,
He was too different, like we came from different worlds,
My head was a maze with no way out…I did not belong.
In the confines of what we had become, I let it out,
He seemed to understand……..or did he really??
Would he ever understand being with someone yet you felt like a misfit?
Would he ever understand growing up in a home you were a misfit?
Would he ever understand my insatiable hunger to be loved twice as much?
Would he ever feel my fear of repeating history as the present I live in?
Would he know how it feels to be free yet so bound by none of my making?
And even if he did, would he stay forever? What of his friends? His people?
His world was too perfect, there was no need for me there…
None the less, I believed…I guess I was a dying man clutching at a straw,
When he looked at me, his eyes gleamed as if they held a secret,
Like everything would be fine, so bright and trusting…..
I made time and space because he had grown on me faster than I could run,
I was fond of him, of his sweet laughter, his nice voice, gorgeous eyes…
I wished him for myself…but how would I tell him that?
And I think that is where I erred…I wanted to lay claim to a free spirit,
Drag him down to the dungeons and shackle him up in my shadows…
Though in my heart, it was affection…thoughts…dreams…hope…
Now I have made peace with myself...
In our being different we are one, yet in them we are two strangers,
I will not rob the world off all the charm that he is…
Instead I will pack up and head for the hills, continue searching,
And write this ode for him so that I never forget…
That I once met a most handsome and beautiful stranger at heart,
Fly away free spirit, color the world wherever you go…
with love, Kirsten*

-Written by: Kirsten Mia

My poem can be used for free as long as people first obtain my permission by writing to


Fiona Katanu said...

I totally love:)you are truly gifted:)

Kirsten Mia said...

Thank you Fiona. very much appreciated*

Anonymous said...

I love this poem it makes me think,smile,n relieved lol O:-)

Anonymous said...

nice poem


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