The Handsome Figure - Christina Barningham

The Handsome Figure 

Stood behind me was a handsome figure I was yet to face,
The music pounded against my fragile ear drums, 
until I noticed the little symbol on my phone.
“Boo :),”
Nervous shivers sprinted across every muscle in my body,
I turned to face him.

That warm smile,
Those snowy white teeth,
His god like height,
…Those captivating blue eyes, lined with silver.

Every word ever stored in my mind vanished,
I felt numb, yet happy.
What was making me feel like this?
An arm stretched out towards me,
I relaxed immediately with just one touch.

-Written by: Christina Barningham

My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to my twitter page, which is updated with my writing!/cb7396

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