I Listen for the Water - By Anna McCarthy Hoffman

I Listen for the Water

I listen for the water
and for a moment
it is Christmas eve
filled with anticipation
the present of you,
unwrapped from your robe into our bed
still steamy, moist and warm
residue from a long day expunged
sterilized, freshened, reborn
into my arms, cupping my body
your breath light on my neck
after so many nights alone
hearing cars go by
airplanes overhead
the television murmuring
in the flat above
The purr of the refrigerator
from the kitchen
until now
I am in bed before you and
the shower announces your arrival
with the applause of raindrops
- Written by: Anna McCarthy Hoffman
My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to http://regentsparkroad.wordpress.com/

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