Spectacles - By Anna McCarthy Hoffman


Those specs that don’t flatter
your face or anyone’s
except maybe Buddy Holly
or Malcolm X
certainly not you with
insecure bleached hair
splayed down the middle
exposing dark roots of
counterfeit and caprice
I observe you sitting in a natty hotel
in this fly part of town
where all the other black-rimmed
trendies revel in retro relevance
graffiti artists, cameramen,
tattooed imbibers,
bespoke boot makers
wear flashback floral skirts
and crotchet collars
taken from grandmother’s closets
cassette tapes swinging from around
your necks and stacked one on top of
the other as wallpaper in bar bathrooms.
A generation of Warhol wannabes,
pop art making spectacles,
repeating frames
circling Old Street roundabout.

-Written by:  Anna McCarthy Hoffman

My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to http://regentsparkroad.wordpress.com/

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