Divorces' Wake - By James Cecil

Divorces' Wake

In solitude, I search for will
To mend my soul, and shed the chill
Of broken love, the loss, and fears
I taste this day- with salty tears.
Memories - are but the foe
That drags my fractured spirit slow
My children’s voices cast no balm
I search for hope, through prayer or psalm.
For only light of each day new
With all its promise, fresh and true
Will lead me to that phantom spark
That draws in hope, and lights the dark.
My friend is time; its patient will
Each passing day make dull the nil
That left me empty - duped of trust
A sunlit day, precedes the dusk.
The Dusk is tired; a weary yawn
My slumbers' calm until the dawn
I wake on wings of pains' full scope
This new day born- I ache for hope.

- Written by: JM Cecil 

My poem may be used for free provided a request for permission is submitted to: james.cecil55@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

I love this poem.
It is so beautiful!

ashwin singh said...

hi... beautiful lines...

Ashwin Singh

love poems said...

This poem is so insightful and reflects the pain of the author in a very emotional and sensitive manner. When one reads it you can relate to the melancholy situation of the daily routine of reliving the memories.It is soulful and draws you into their world.

Write a book said...

hey no words for the poetry, its awesome!

Matthew said...

Love your poems!

Stephanos Ballmerfeld said...

Love it

Leif G.S. Notae said...

Lovely poem, makes waking up at dawn even more worth it. There is a certain beautiful misery to it.

Thanks for sharing!

Helen Grehan said...

Beautiful. Sad but with the glimmer of hope that time will ease the pain.

Love Poems said...

Wow this is beautiful and from the heart, you should publish a book, i love reading love poems

Balika Vadhu said...

I Love Your Blog.......

MS Mahawar said...

Awesome poem!
I have no words to describe this poem....


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