The Girl Who Cries - By Christina Barningham

The Girl Who Cries

 Black curved lines around two soft eyes,
Lay on the face of a girl who cries,
Tears roll down that bright red cheek,
All because they called her a freak.

The happiness inside her slowly dies,
No sympathy is given to the girl who cries,
All alone with her sadness and pain,
She often wonders what she will gain.

Perched in her room reminded of the lies,
The lies made up of the girl who cries,
No-one believed her or took her side,
The only thing she'd do was sit there and hide.

So if your a bully and think it's right,
Imagine having to cope with your victims fright,
Then picture the horror within her eyes,
Within the eyes of the girl who cries.

- Written by:  Christina Barningham

My poem may be published online as long as the author is given credit and a link is included to my twitter page, which is updated with my writing!/cb7396

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