Letter to Mr. Obama on his visit to Buchenwald - By Elma Ross

Letter to Mr. Obama on his visit to Buchenwald

Dear Mr. Obama, with respect, I hear you ask,
How did we get to Buchenwald?
Please grant me the honour, Mr. Obama,
To answer your question.
We got to Buchenwald by forgetting
The Anglo-Boer War: The camps of starvation
Of Boer children – indeed of their future nation.
We got to Buchenwald by ignoring
Those in the British camps: their fear and pain
As their cold bodies paid for British gain.
We got to Buchenwald by the British monarchy
Promoting Kitchener for selling a trend
That future psychopath leaders would follow:
Sending soldiers to attack the disabled, the weak
The elderly, desperate mothers,
and babies trusting and meek.
Destroying their livestock, their homes –
everything they had
Not blinking when the mothers were consumed
With fright and sad;
Transporting the defenceless in soiled wagons
of trains built for cattle
What the heck: fight the children, and win the battle!
Locking up the Boer kids to die of hunger and thirst
As their bodies gave up and the cells would burst.
Raping and terrorising Boer kids in every way
And then, stepping back, to simply say:
We, The British, will not pay proper restitution
We wipe our hands of the pain and confusion;
We won’t say sorry as we have no regret
The Boers and their offspring should deny the pain,
And forget –
This is how we got to Buchenwald, Mr Obama.

– Written by: Elma Ross

This poem can be used for free as long as the author is informed at Dr.ElmaRoss@yahoo.com, stating where and how it has been used. The poet (Elma Ross) should also be acknowledged.
It comes from the book: "British terrorism against Boer civilians: How Britain destroyed the Boer republics by starving civilians in concentration camps."

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